December 1, 2021

Diagnexia Launch the UK’s First, Fully Digital, Subspeciality Led, Backlog Management and Consult Service

EXETER, England, December 1 2021 - Diagnexia (, a new generation of technology-enabled care provider, powered by Deciphex’s core technologies, announces that they have secured CQC (Care Quality Commission) certification.

The CQC is the independent regulator of health and social care in England. It ensures health and social care services are safe, of a high-quality, effective, compassionate, and meet legal standards. Being accredited by the CQC means that Diagnexia meets the standards set by the CQC and approved by the NHS and government. The digital pathology service provided by Diagnexia UK Limited is considered a Diagnostic and or Screening Service (DSS) by CQC.

Diagnexia launch the UK’s first accredited, subspeciality lead, digital pathology enabled, backlog management and consult service, connecting NHS hospitals to a global network of GMC (General Medical Council) registered subspeciality pathologists using digital pathology, to truly increase UK pathology capacity and improve patient outcomes. 

There is a major shortage of pathologists in the UK. Diagnexia plans to grow the pool of diagnostic expertise available to the UK pathology market, through digital extension of the pathology workforce. Providing a plug and play solution for digital pathology, this opens up access to internationally renowned expertise and enables laboratories to manage their backlog in a secure and efficient manner, allowing for a significant reduction in administration and turnaround time, that they simply would not be able to achieve otherwise. 

The certification and introduction of the Diagnexia platform represents a growth in the UK diagnostic capacity. Diagnexia is the first of a new generation of technology-enabled care providers to be approved by the CQC. Allowing them to further differentiate themselves from their competitors. 

Diagnexia, based in Exeter in England, is CQC registered to provide diagnostic screening services, and is ISO27001 accredited for information security management by BSI (British Standards Institution). Diagnexia Chief Medical Officer is Prof Runjan Chetty and has considerable UK clinical experience, along with a team of over twenty GMC registered subspeciality pathologists focusing on the top 10 subspecialities. 

This certification enables Diagnexia to begin primary reporting through their accredited laboratory facilities, meaning Diagnexia is now able to provide a complete pathology diagnostics service for both primary reporting and secondary consultation. This will enable sustained reporting services for laboratories throughout the UK.

Chris Polley, Diagnexia Commercial Business Manager + CQC Registered Manager, says:

Obtaining CQC certification is a fantastically important milestone in the Diagnexia journey. Built on proven digital technologies, Diagnexia will provide an important service in patient diagnostic care.”

Prof Runjan Chetty, Deciphex CMO, says:

At a time when we need to be increasingly innovative and creative in providing high quality Pathology services, Diagnexia utilizes a state of the art, digital solution allowing sub-specialist pathologists to fulfill this remit. Being able to contribute to patient management in such an impactful manner is an important landmark in the health care system.

About Diagnexia

Diagnexia is a cloud based platform that facilitates the secure sharing, analysis and consumption of digital pathology. The platform connects laboratories worldwide to an international network of subspeciality pathologists, who can provide their expertise on clinical cases.

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