April 30, 2024

Diagnexia Accelerates Growth with Strategic Expansion within Exeter Science Park

Exeter, England, 30 April 2024 — Diagnexia, the digital pathology diagnostics leader and a division of Deciphex, today unveiled its strategic relocation to a larger facility within Exeter Science Park. This move is a direct response to the increasing demand for Diagnexia's advanced histopathology services, emphasising the company's commitment to staying at the forefront of healthcare diagnostics innovation and efficiency.

Left: Catherine Hampson - Digital Laboratory Operations Manager UK. Right: Sally Basker - CEO of Exeter Science Park

The newly acquired space is designed to accommodate up to 16 advanced digital pathology scanners, signifying Diagnexia's readiness for both immediate and future expansions. This capacity, coupled with dedicated storage areas, ensures the company's growth trajectory remains robust and unhindered.

Central to the new facility's design is its streamlined workflow, facilitated by dedicated spaces for each stage of the diagnostic process. This setup significantly enhances operational efficiency, directly contributing to faster, more accurate pathology service delivery.

Moreover, the premises are distinctly organised into areas for clinical and non-clinical workflows, allowing for smoother operation of both core and supportive business functions. This separation optimises the company’s structural flow, ensuring that Diagnexia continues to lead in delivering rapid, high-quality diagnostic results.

Dr. Donal O'Shea, CEO of Diagnexia, remarked on the relocation, "Our move marks a significant step in our journey towards transforming digital pathology. With this larger space, we're not just expanding our physical footprint but also our capacity to innovate and efficiently meet the growing demands of our clients."

Sally Basker, CEO of Exeter Science Park, said: “It's exciting to see Diagnexia thriving within the infrastructure and support systems provided at Exeter Science Park. We have developed high quality labs and associated space for businesses focused on health and life sciences and we have ensured there is a pathway for growth which has been utilised by Diagnexia as they have more than quadrupled their space in two successive moves over 14 months.

“The impact of Diagnexia’s growth goes beyond just their individual success. They contribute to the broader economic growth of the region by creating high-value jobs and driving productivity. This not only benefits the company and its employees but also has ripple effects throughout the community, fostering innovation and attracting further investment.”

This expansion into the larger premises at Exeter Science Park is more than a growth milestone for Diagnexia; it represents the company’s enduring dedication to enhancing NHS healthcare through leading-edge digital histopathology services.

About Diagnexia

Diagnexia leads in delivering innovative diagnostic solutions globally, with a cloud-based platform that connects hospitals to a network of expert pathologists. This approach ensures fast, accurate diagnostic outcomes, improving patient care. With its advanced facilities and commitment to excellence, Diagnexia is a key player in the digital transformation of pathology services.

About Exeter Science Park

Exeter Science Park is the south west’s centre of activity for businesses in science technology, engineering, maths and medicine. It is committed to creating an environment where businesses can thrive; giving them access to state-of-the-art facilities, mentoring and connecting them to a network of companies with similar aspirations. It was established in 2013 to stimulate a knowledge-based economy, delivering better jobs, higher productivity and economic growth for the region.

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