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Why invest in expensive capital for slide digitisation when you can rely on high quality contract digital pathology scanning services?

High Speed, Low Cost Digital Pathology Scanning at Deciphex.

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High Speed Slide Scanning


High Speed Low Cost Scanning at Deciphex

Deciphex is the only player in the market leveraging best in class imaging hardware with state of the art cloud software to deliver high quality digital pathology scans to you quickly and efficiently in line with your turnaround requirements.


Security and Integrity at the Core

From our secure facility in a medical center in Illinois, we operate a process driven approach to scanning. We are comfortable with CDAs and MTAs and we will put in place the necessary contractual framework to support the sensitivity and confidentiality of your data. We deploy physical and technical security controls to keep your content safe and secure while with us at our facility. Our team are well trained and operate to strict protocols in delivering services. We claim HIPAA compliance based on adopted SOPS and Technical controls implemented. 

Secure facility Illinois
Hamamatsu S360


Best quality imaging with the Hamamatsu S360

At Deciphex, we have chosen the Hamamatsu Nanozoomer S360 digital slide scanner for its superior image quality over peer products and the low scanning error rates. We support brightfield scanning for all staining modalities. Using this state of the art technology guarantees we can scan at a fraction of the cost of other service providers in this space at 20x and 40x and up to 1000 slides per day per instrument.


Same day digital transfer of images

We have invested in the fastest internet connections available to facilitate the same-day transfer of content from our scanning centre to clients. Two options are available for the return of digitised slides. Slides can be scanned and returned via Box account or equivalent, or slides can be scanned and returned via our Patholytix software.

Receive Same Day
Patholytix Preclinical

Patholytix Preclinical

Patholytix Preclinical

With Patholytix Preclinical, we can get your content to you in easy but secure fashion allowing you to consume your data in studies, integrating relevant metadata to support mining your collection. You can scale your collection infinitely in our cloud environment and let us worry about the logistics. Through the ergonomic UI you can review digital pathology faster and more efficiently than any other digital pathology software on the market. 

Patholytix AI

AI as a Service

Deciphex through their Patholytix AI platform can provide you with analytics services where we can develop, validate and run AI models on whole slide images to meet your needs. Problems of all complexities can be resolved. We have worked effectively with leading global pharma in solving their AI requirements on custom projects.

Patholytix AI

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