May 30, 2024

Patholytix 4.0, Becomes First Platform to Support Future-proof Study Archival of Regulated Digital Safety Studies

DUBLIN, Ireland, May 30, 2024—Deciphex, a pioneering leader in GLP-compliant digital pathology solutions, announces today that it is the first DICOM-native platform to fully facilitate the archival and reconstruction of regulated digital studies. Previously unavailable, this advancement strengthens digital pathology's use in GLP drug safety assessment.

DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is a foundational standard for transmitting, storing, and managing medical imaging information globally, ensuring seamless interoperability between systems across different facilities. A lack of consistency in image formats, metadata, and interoperability has previously posed challenges across the non-clinical industry. Consistent and standardised digital slide storage via native DICOMWSI streamlines archival, retrieval, and management of pathology data as seen with DICOM's successful adoption within Radiology.

By being the first non-clinical workflow to implement end to end DICOM natively, Patholytix 4.0 enhances the accessibility and usability of GLP studies’ data. This provides a vital solution addressing long-term archival and accessibility of digital study data. 

Pierre Moulin, Chief Scientific Officer at Deciphex emphasised the significance of this milestone:

"Implementing DICOM in our platform underscores Deciphex’s commitment to open standards and long-term client needs. This approach ensures that even if our platform evolves, the data remains accessible and usable for retrospective studies and innovative analyses."

He added,

"The implementation of DICOM in Patholytix 4.0 not only future-proofs the archival of GLP studies but also ensures unparalleled consistency and interoperability in digital pathology. This advancement allows seamless data sharing and integration across various platforms and facilities, ultimately driving innovation and efficiency in the field."

This advancement aims to enhance the reliability and accessibility of critical data and represents a significant step forward in enabling robust and reproducible digital pathology workflows.

For more information about Deciphex and Patholytix 4.0, please visit

About Deciphex:

Deciphex is a pioneering company at the forefront of the digital transformation of pathology. By networking with global pathologists and leveraging AI-driven solutions, Deciphex accelerates certainty in pathology reporting, ultimately enhancing patient care and advancing drug development. For more information, visit

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