27 September 2021

Deciphex Launches Diagnexia, a Novel Service for Clinical Diagnostics

DUBLIN, Ireland, September 27 2021 - Deciphex, a leading provider of digital pathology and AI-powered services for clinical and non-clinical pathology, today announced that it has launched it’s novel clinical diagnostics service Diagnexia.

Diagnexia (www.diagnexia.com), powered by Deciphex’s core technologies, enables a diagnostic network of pathologists to engage with clinical clients globally to address the global shortfall in available pathology subspecialty expertise, supporting the highest quality of care and the achievement of turnaround time objectives for our partners.  This platform connects laboratories worldwide to an international network of expert subspeciality pathologists, who can provide their expertise on clinical cases.  The service is designed to provide a global second opinion network and to provide regulated digital pathology powered primary diagnostics in markets of greatest need.  By combining the best of both worlds, technology and pathology expertise, Deciphex are essentially transforming the pathology industry.

Prof Runjan Chetty, Deciphex Chief Medical Officer, says:

“The need to address many of the chronic issues that beset Pathology such as burgeoning patient wait times, recruitment, demand for expertise and diagnostic complexity has necessitated an innovative solution for optimal patient care.  The ability to alleviate these difficulties with seamless, state of the art technology is game changing and ultimately of huge benefit to patients”

Dr Donal O’Shea, Deciphex CEO + Founder, says:

"We have developed considerable experience  through disrupting the way pre-clinical pathology peer review is conducted in Pharma, and are the first company in the world to offer a regulated solution for this purpose. We are now leveraging this experience to provide a next generation pathology workflow to enable the first true “Virtual” pathology department for clinical pathology.  We will facilitate the secure distribution of digital cases to the right pathologists in our network.   This is a significant step towards the democratization of pathology services and providing access to high quality pathology services where they are needed.”  

About Diagnexia

Diagnexia is a cloud based platform that facilitates the secure sharing, analysis and consumption of digital pathology. The platform connects laboratories worldwide to an international network of subspeciality pathologists, who can provide their expertise on clinical cases.

About Deciphex

Deciphex is an Irish-based software company focused on developing digital pathology-based solutions for clinical and research pathology. Our ambition is to deliver solutions that provide tangible productivity benefits to pathologists, eliminating low-level tasks so they can focus on the critical content. We believe that digital pathology combined with artificial intelligence will help make pathologists work more efficiently in the future, offering a solution to the pending challenges in supply/demand in pathology services. Deciphex plans to be at the forefront of this revolution with cleverly positioned solutions that deliver on the biggest problems facing pathology today.

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